TESLA OPUS-TE (bridge)

TESLA OPUS-TE (bridge)
TESLA OPUS-TE (bridge) TESLA OPUS-TE (bridge) TESLA OPUS-TE (bridge)

Singlecoil bridge pickup

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Here by popular demand is the new OPUS-TE, the latest addition to our Opus line of products, it has Warm, Smooth & Clean vintage sounds. The sound that this pickup will give you can only be accomplished applying real vintage style manufacturing techniques and if that´s not enough the neck and bridge coils are Hand-Wound in opposite directions so when used together humbcancelling is activated. The OPUS-TE features wax potted coils and it´s built with American made Plain Enamel copper wire, staggered Alnico 5 pole piece magnets, fiber bobbins and vintage style cloth covered wire

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